How to use our services

The purpose of this site is to unite owners and agents of beach rental property with those who are interested in renting a beach property for short term or vacation purposes. We feature a very user friendly interface for renters to find a rental home in the most efficient manner. Owners are provided with all of the tools necessary to create and manage their listing(s).

From renter's point of view
Find a property

Use our search feature to find a property or Browse by destination starting from our home page. It is advised that you search for your property several months before you plan to travel. Many of the more popular destinations fill up very quickly.

Contact the owner/manager

All owners/managers who list on this site should provide contact information regarding the property (either email or telephone). does not participate in any transaction(s) between renters and owners, therefore you must deal directly with the owner/manager. Any questions that you have about the property should be directed to the owner/manager.

Your agreement with the owner/manager

Every property manager does not manage his/her rental in the same manner. Managers are entitled to manage as they wish and terms and requirements may differ between properties. Most of the managers will require you to sign a lease before your rental period. The leases are usually similar to the leases that are used for residential rental property. The exceptions are that they are a lot shorter and for a shorter term. Many houses may require a security deposit just like any other property rental. It's a great idea to ask the owner or agent for references (past renters).

Plan your trip

The owner should be able to give you any information that you need as far as your trip is concerned (directions, attractions, etc.) Although the owner is not a tour guide, you should still be able to get valuable information from him/her. Make sure you find out what is provided by the owner and what is not. Items such as linens, dishes, and silverware may or may not be provided. Make sure you know for sure what is provided and what is not before you begin your trip.

Enjoy your vacation

Most important, enjoy your trip. Renting a beach vacation home can be a very rewarding experience for both the owner and the renter. Please treat the owner's home with respect just as you would your own home. Remeber, this is someone's personal beach home where you are staying.

From Owner's Point of View
Sign up and verify

We require all owners/managers to sign up before using the site. We will also verify your email address. This helps us prevent computer robots from accessing our site. By siging up, you do not get placed on any marketing lists whatsoever. The only party that will ever contact you will be us. We do not sell any marketing lists, phone lists, or email lists!

Sign in to your account

Once you verify your email address, sign in to our site. There is a sign in box for owners on the homepage. Once you sign in, you will be taken to your account summary page. This is the page where you manage your account and create listings. If you are signed in, you can always access this page from the link at the top of every page. When you sign out, this link disappears.

Create your listing

On your summary page, there is a link to create a listing. Once you click this link, you can enter all of the information about your beach rental home. When you are finished, click the button to confirm your listing. Your listing will be public instantly. There is no waiting period.

Upload picture/Update Calendar

From your summary page, click the edit link for your listing. At the top of the page, you will see a link to upload pictures. Use this tool to upload photos of your property. We accept up to 6 photos per property. You will also see a link to update your calendar. it is advised to keep this information up to date.

Review your listing

Now that your listing is complete, please review it for accuracy. If you ever need to change anything, go to your summary page and click edit for that property. Changes are reflected in real time.

You are now in business

Now you are ready! Renters will contact you via phone or email. All email inquiries will come via our site. This protects your email address from spammers. All of your inquries are stored on our site via the summary page.