By owner or agent?

Many people have different views and opinions on renting by agent versus renting by owner. There are many books on the market that address renting by owner and there are many websites that cater to the "by owner" philosophy. There are two different perspectives of vacation rentals. One is from the renter and the other is the owner/manager. Our opinion on this follows as we offer an opinion from both perspectives.

From the viewpoint of a renter:

I have rented vacation rentals many times for personal use. I have used both "by owner" and agents. I have always had great trips and great prices no matter who I dealt with (an owner or an agent). In some situations, you will find better prices from an agent. In other instances, you will find better prices via the owners. So from a renter's perspective, we like both options for finding a property. When many people search for a rental on a major search engine they search for the following phrase: "Vacation rentals by owner." By limiting their selection to this type of property, they are excluding many possible properties that they may like. That's why this site is not considered a "by owner" site like some of the other ones out there. We welcome owners and agents to list on the site.

From the viewpoint of the owner:

There are a lot of people out there promoting the "rent by owner" philosophy. This is where you manage the property yourself and save all of the commissions that you would otherwise spend on an agent. This is a great way to go about renting your property. But, getting an agent is also a great way. It really depends on the type of person you are. If you don't want to deal with the headaches of running a rental property business and dealing with renters, then an agent is the way to go for you. If you don't mind that type of work and are close to your rental, then "by owner" may be the route for you. supports both "by agent" and "by owner" types of rentals. We recognize that there are advantages to both methodologies.